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SVG and OEM on windows 64 bit

Anyone try to use OEM from a windows 64bit machine? Looks like there is no SVG install for windows 64bit so the charts on the performance pages are all just gifs.

Seems surprising but alas with Oracle and their dealings with UI, its not that surprising.

I wanted Oracle to use flash in OEM 10g but that got nixed. I was glad to have SVG in OEM 10g rather than nothing, but SVG has been EOLed and so unless Oracle does something then there will be more and more cases where OEMs SVG components don’t work in browsers as OS’s advance.

On a good note though, in 11g I was happy to see some FLEX components but word has it that these will be pulled – hmpf!

I’m happy to see that my current company, Delphix, is using FLEX (not that FLEX is the only way to go but it’s a nice way, at least until HTML5) . Here’s an example of Delphix’s interface

After working at Oracle for 13 years , UI seemed to be some of the worst in the valley often harking back to web pages from 1992, it’s nice to be at Delphix, a company that seems to appreciate UI and aesthetics. I never understood why Oracle’s UI wasn’t better since Larry was such good friends with Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs and Apple are so good at look and feel. I figured Steve Jobs would have influenced Larry and Oracle to have great UI, but alas there has never been any indication of that other than the fun demos Larry and Steve use to do around Oracle and the NEXT machine back in the day.

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