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Updated: Mar 10, 2023 bought clipdrop

Somehow, ClipDrop is supposed to have 15 million users, but I've never heard of it. For example here is google trends for Midjourney vs Clipdrop

Trying it out, there doesn't seem to be much to it other than the light placement option, which does look cool.

  • Remove background : nice but everyone has that

  • Image upscaler: nice but again lots of offerings have that

  • Cleanup: nice but again lots of offerings have this, I've been using

  • Relight does look super cool

  • For text to image the results are off putting.

  • Replace background: I haven't tried

  • Text remover: seems nice but never been an issue for me

AI imaging, moving lights around

The light placement option does look cool. I tried and found it pretty nice. My one wish would be to be able to move the light behind the subject. Here is a gif showing the light placement in action.


ClipDrop has some bizarre navigation. I like the simple layout, but I'm having a hard time understanding the functions it offers. On a wide screen, the apps are listed in the middle.

at smaller sizes they are in the top left


I've done several images but image from text and relighting but nothing shows up in my gallery or history. Actually don't see any history on what I've done at all.

Text to image

After using Midjrouney for a few months, it is dissappointing to see the results in clipdrop.


girl with platinum blond hair, big cornflowerblue large eyes and big thick black eye brows that are squared off , black halter top, intense gaze, hand in chin, tattoos on arm, black choker


They talk about controlnet but there is nothing in the UI yet. Maybe it's callable via the API but where are the examples and documentation?

Other examples

Midjourney on left and clipdrop on right


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