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Photographer styles in Midjourney with seed image

I saw this image and thought it would be fun to play around with. Its from a fashion shoot by a friend of mine, Gia at gelarehdesigns who makes some of the most amazing futuristic tribal leather fashion.

Photo Creative producer & Fashion stylist @lena_tt

Photographer @drunk_crucian

Video maker @dandelion.08

Hair Stylist @gela_shc

Model @bellacroixx One question I had for Midjourney is how would Midjourney interpret the image though the lens of different photograhers

Here is the image as a seed along with "photographed by" and then each of the following photographers:

  • juergen teller,

  • mario testino,

  • peter lindbergh,

  • ryan mcginley,

  • ellen von unwerth,

  • patrick demarchelier,

  • viviane sassen,

  • petra colins,

  • herb ritts,

  • Josef Koudelka,

  • Sally mann,

  • Helmut Newton,

  • richard avedon,

  • Alain Laboile,

  • Francesca Woodman,

  • lee jeffries,

  • Man Ray,

  • Henri Cartier-Bresson,

  • Ansel Adams,

  • Robert Capa

For what it's worth, none of these photographers go the direction I want. I will keep working on going the direction I want. TBD

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