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Oracle Closed World 1:30-2:30 Sept 20, 2010 I’ll be speaking

I’ll be speaking tomorrow at Oracle Closed World 1:30-2:30 at the Thirsty Bear, Sept 21, 2010

Database Performance Made Easy Through Graphics

Average Active Sessions (AAS) Formulas, Interpreting Load Charts and Visual SQL Tuning (VST)

Kyle begins his presentation with a discussion of the use of sample data to create Active Sessions History (ASH). But ASH is dense, multidimensional data, which makes it difficult to analyze. Fortunately, ASH can be simplified using a metric called Average Active Sessions (AAS). AAS shows the load on the database and allows you to drill down with precision and clarity into the cause of each bottleneck.

Most often, bottlenecks are caused by poor-performing SQL statements. For analyzing suboptimal SQL statements, Kyle will show you how to lay out the query graphically in a Visual SQL Tuning (VST) diagram. Through the VST, you’ll learn how to quickly visualize any coding errors in the query, discover flaws in the underlying database schema, and most importantly, find the best execution path through the query.

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