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Updated: Mar 13

( this is a skeleton that I will fill out more over time)

Ibogaine: The Psychedelic in a Category of Its Own

Ibogaine is a powerful psychedelic substance derived from the roots of a West African shrub. But it's different than any other psychedelic you may have encountered. While most classic psychedelics like LSD and psilocybin produce vibrant visual hallucinations, ibogaine is more of a subtle, gossamer presence. The visions don't bombard you - they whisper delicately, easily disturbed or disappearing entirely.

The physical effects, however, are no whisper. My first flood dose ibogaine experience at a clinic in Rosarito, Mexico left me struggling to even walk for five days afterward. The immense physical load is one reason I recommend only doing ibogaine at a professional clinic, never in a uncontrolled setting.

For psycho-spiritual journeying, the clinic setting is also ideal, allowing you to focus on ritual, intention, and integration instead of logistics. One trusted clinic is Iboga Soul ( While profound insights can occur, they are rarely what you might expect. I had hoped to gain clarity on my life's purpose and the trajectory of my lineage. Instead, I gained something much more vital that I couldn't have anticipated.

When psycho-spiritual motives draw people to ibogaine, they often think one heroic journey will restructure their whole reality. But as the book "Heart Medicine: A True Love Story" illuminates, the lessons are more profound: ibogaine doesn't give you the answers, it gives you the humility and courage to start truly living the questions.

For me, ibogaine didn't reveal some grand cosmic plan. It showed me that what was about to happen in my life was something no amount of spiritual seeking could prepare me for - I simply had to walk through the fire. The book "BECOMING: Everything You Didn't Know You Wanted" captured this lesson viscerally. Only by letting go of my ideas about what I wanted could I become what I needed to be.

Ibogaine is too complex to sum up neatly, but I find many never feel called to experience it again after one pivotal encounter. For better or worse, it cracks you open. Whether you seek respite from addiction or a psycho-spiritual rebirth, ibogaine stands apart as a medicine that gives you not what you want, but what you need.

Ever delved into Pinchbeck's 'Breaking Open the Head'? His Iboga trip had me swearing off Gabon! Then I read about Chor Boogie & Mark C. Howard's deeply organic, community-connected experiences. Profound, but more dedication to the Iboga path than I could muster in lifetimes!



Not sure how I got involved in this tweet, but there is definitely some strange people and energy in the iboga circles.

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