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( this is a skeleton that I will fill out more over time)

Ibogaine is different than any other psychedelic. Recommend only doing it in a clinic though for psycho-spiritual quests the benefit most likely will be hire in clinic targeting more the ritual and attention approach. Most be people will never do it a second time. I had trouble walking for 5 days after my first flood dose in clinic in Rosarita, Mexico . I trust the following folk, especially psycho-spiritual, and trust a crucial to a healthy experience, Also a good book to read is Heart Medicine: A True Love Story. Iboga is complex, but I'd call the psychedelic part "gossamer" , the visions were a fragile whispers, easily disappearing with the slightest disturbance. The physical load was intense. I didn't get what I thought I wanted, but I think it has a powerful potential and certainly for opioid dependence, not my case, it is a massive, massive tool

I wanted to learn about my lineage , what my purpose was, what the trajectory of my lineage is/was. Instead, I had something about to happen, that nothing could have helped me with but going actually gong through the actual experience. There is a book called "BEQOMING: Everything You Didn't Know You Wanted" nails the lessons I learned, but reading now, I don't know if it would have made any sense before life took me to the brink.

Kyle Hailey @kylelf_ Jun 18 @ATEXTMESSAGE1 and 2 others

Ever delved into Pinchbeck's 'Breaking Open the Head'? His Iboga trip had me swearing off Gabon! Then I read about Chor Boogie & Mark C. Howard's deeply organic, community-connected experiences. Profound, but more dedication to the Iboga path than I could muster in lifetimes!



Kyle Hailey @kylelf_ Many ex-opioid addicts credit 'ibogaine' with cure, but it's illegal in US… 3:32 PM · Feb 2, 2018

Not sure how I got involved in this tweet, but there is definitely some strange people and energy in the iboga circles.

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