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I'm looking for someone to create an auction website for AI created content, super simple MVP, Figure there are software stacks that exist that can be whitelabeled / leveraged.

Paying out of pocket with no current revenue stream, so limited resources. I figure I can get an MVP going for $3k and something usable for$10K.

WIlling to pay by the hour or by the project.

looking for someone who is up for this as a fun side project.

I'm obsessed by AI, know tons about databases.

Would love to bart/trade on top of paying for project or hourly.

I have an empty apartment in Twin Peaks in SF as possibly part of the deal (short term, month , two or three)

can you write this a job posting on linkedin. This is an informal job, not a full time job with benefits. This is more like two friends working.

I’d prefer working together, i.e. in San Francisco but remote is of course an option

PS I am **ONLY** interested in working for people I know directly who know you through someone I'm close to and know well. If we have lake industry or friend connections, then for now that is a non-starter

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