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Finding Oracle Home


Once in while I work on systems that are new to me and no one is around to explain the configuration to me. I can see databases running and their SIDs via the process names, but when there are multiple ORACLE_HOME directories possible it can be difficult to even connect to these databases because connecting locally requires the SID and ORACLE_HOME. In these cases, I’ve often wanted a way to clearly figure out which running database is using which ORACLE_HOME, so it was fun to see Tanel Poder’s recent posted on how to do this on LINUX and SOLARIS. Here is a quick summary of LINUX and SOLARIS plus HPUX and AIX as well:

Solaris and Linux

$ pgrep  -lf _pmon_
12586 ora_pmon_ee10204

ORACLE_SID is ee10204

$ pwdx 12586
12586: /u01/oracle/

ORACLE_HOME is /u01/oracle/


$ ps -ef | grep pmon
ora1024 25611     1  0  Mar 21  ?         0:24 ora_pmon_itanic10

ORACLE_SID is itanic10

$ pfiles 25611 | grep  bin
25611:                  /opt/ora1024/app/db_1/bin/oracle

ORACLE_HOME is /opt/ora1024/app/db_1


$ ps -ef | grep pmon
ora1024   262314        1   0   Mar 23      -  0:12 ora_pmon_mercury

ORACLE_SID is mercury

$ ls -l /proc/262314/cwd
lr-x------   2 ora1024  dba  0 Mar 23 19:31 cwd -> /data/opt/app/product/

ORACLE_HOME is /data/opt/app/product/

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