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Compliance, Reporting & Dodd Frank

What is one of the most daunting issues in IT departments now?  What kind of database issue can end people up in orange jump suits and yet how to avoid clearly avoid issues is unclear. Regulatory compliance.  Regulatory compliance is driving many Fortune 1000 and world wide corporations IT departments over the edge of their abilities. With regulatory compliance, how much data do you have to keep, how long do you have to keep it, how fast do you have to be able to access it and what technology do you use to maintain it?

Fortune 1000 companies in order to meet compliance demands typically  must collect, model and report on data from multiple systems systems, in multiple sites

  1. Collection: adds load to production systems; require extract, staging in every site

  2. Modeling: require multiple development, test environments, data refreshes

  3. Reporting: compliance reports drive unexpected and unplanned load

  4. Reconciliation: required to reconcile data between systems e.g. GL vs. source apps

  5. Time-based reporting: regulations require reports from specific dates in past

  6. Auditing: best practicing to capture data from report date + report for later auditing

Delphix eliminates the data constraints, accelerates reporting process

  1. Quickly provision fresh or historical data from any point in time

  2. Eliminate production load by offloading ETLs to VDBs

  3. Elastically provision multiple environments for development and  test teams

  4. Reduce data tax on systems and networks by 90%

  5. Reset, rewind, rollback any system reduces reconciliation effort, time

  6. Bookmark environments to facilitate reporting scenarios, audits

For example if a company has several source systems with financial information that are being rolled up into the companies general ledger (GL) then if there are any discrepancies between the source systems and the final roll up into GL then the have be reconciled.

Struggling to Keep up with Regulatory Compliance Overload? 

Live Webinar: Streamline Compliance Initiatives with Agile Data

The tidal wave of regulatory compliance is overwhelming for any large organization today. At the end of the day, data is the ultimate target of most mandates. Not surprisingly, data related bottlenecks also represent one of the biggest barriers to cost effective risk mitigation and compliance.

Date: Tuesday, June 17

Time: 10:00am PT/1:00pm ET

Speaker: Ansh Patnaik, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Delphix

Join this session to learn how eliminating data constraints can streamline compliance initiatives through:

  1. Data Security: mask data centrally and distribute secure copies on-premise, offshore, and into public or hybrid clouds in minutes

  2. Data Governance: preserve application states at a fraction of current costs while ensuring on-demand accessibility

  3. Data Reporting: deliver synced virtual data sets from any point in time to offload sources and accelerate delivery of reports

Click here to register for our webinar.

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