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This post is mainly for myself top keep track of. Since I rarely do pour over I keep loosing track of urraco coffee . For espresso it's nice to have a link to send friends who are curious.

I love great coffee.

For espresso here are my favorite brands:

Current Favorite coffees

Actually have love Umbria for years, nice sharp edge that gives it a sense of verve.

Then lived in Portland where Stumptown is king. Always a great choice. I generally get Holler Mountain or Hairbender.

Then moved to Seattle where Monorail espresso is consistently my favorite cortado ever when they make it. And it's mainly run by women who have always been super nice and friend.

Then came back to San Francisco and saw Equator and thought "who needs another coffee bean?!" and then of course fell in love with it.

These are all my favorite for espresso.

I actually use them in my aeropress and they come out pretty well.

Not so good for pour over.

For pour over which I rarely make, the best I've run across is

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