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to create a free personal quip account, you have to create a business account (even if a fake business) and then login to quip, click on your profile icon in bottom left, and then on profile , give a different email address for the "add a personal account"


I like Quip from salesforce a lot. I prefer it over Notion or Google docs

I was trying to set Quip up for my son, so we could collaborate.

I have a free personal account on Quip.

I tried to set my son up on a personal account but the only option is business. The signup is required to be a business sign up.

We put in some garbage into the business fields and said his gmail email address was his business email.

When I shared a Quip page with son, it refused, saying that my son's company did not allow sharing with people from outside his company . WTF?

There is no company - he is a kid. We made the company up. Googling for solutions on the web say to got to and take off the restrictions for sharing from outside the company. But neither myself nor my son, have this option, I'm guessing because mine a personal account, i.e. one users and no need for an admin, and I figure something similar for my son as he is the only user from his fictitional company it the account is the free first week.

So now I'm like WTF? how do I share a quip page?

On son's quip, there was an option to add a personal account.

In the bottom left, click on the account icon. That opens up account settings. On "profile" the first left hand menu, there was an option to add a personal account. I.E. looks like you have to create a business acount to get access to the option to add a personal account. I tried adding his gmail account here, but unsurprisingly it gave an error, which makes sense as there was already an account with his email.

Then suprisingly, I tried adding his "+quip" to his email address as in

and it accepted that address!

when adding "+something" to gmail address , gmail will send it to

I then shared my quip page with

and it worked!

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